Sport Passport - Application

Sport Passport is a sport skills learning and assessment platform, commissioned by Swim Wales and launched in late 2015.

Students are issued with a Sport Passport ID, which allows them to participate in numerous bespoke sport learning programmes.

Aqua Passport, the swimming derivative of the application has already been adopted by Swim Wales, Scottish Swimming and a number of UK leisure centre chains.

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Bespoke Sport Training Courses

Aqua Passport Bespoke Sport Training Courses

Sport Passport is a multi-sport learning platform. The system provides the tools to set-up bespoke learning courses - comprising of sets of objectives within multiple levels across any sport. Students are assessed against these objectives via instructor apps.

Powerful Lesson Management Tools

Powerful Lesson Management Tools

Lesson management tools provide authorised administrators with the facilities to manage instructors, students, and training centres across all sports. A powerful scheduling and timetabling engine co-ordinates the learning programme.

Branded Instructor Assessment Apps

Aqua Passport Branded Instructor Assessment Apps

Students are assessed through instructor apps. This provides the instructors with daily, weekly and monthly timetables. Each course allows the instructor to take a attendance registration for each session. Students are then awarded stars against each levels’ particular objectives. Individual course and student progress reports are available, alongside instructor support materials (objective videos, lesson schemes of work and FAQs).

Branding tools are available to change the look and feel of the instructor assessment apps to match the provider’s company brand.

Extensive Reporting

Aqua Passport Extensive Reporting

Extensive, real-time reports are provided in the Lesson Management application. Student progress, level completion, course attendance, capacity, and retention reports (amongst others) are available. These reports are aggregated from student > course > instructor > provider > region through to country and can be filtered by student gender, age, school year and course level.

Gamified Learning

Aqua Passport Gamified Learning

The learning process has been gamified to reward students as they progress through the levels. Each student is issued with a Sport Passport ID, which provides access to their personalised website. As stars are earned and objectives completed games, puzzles and prizes are unlocked within their personal website. Progress through both bespoke courses and National Curriculum school courses are measured and displayed. Parents can also monitor progress and review the supporting training videos.

Customisabe, auto generated client websites

Aqua Passport Customisabe, auto generated client websites

The system also automatically generates sport specific sales websites. The site allows visitors to find local facilities and providers that use the sport passport learning platform. The fully responsive, multi-language, content managed website provides the gateway into each sport’s learning programmes as well as support information to encourage parents and schools to sign-up.

Sport Themes

Aqua Passport Sport Themes

The system is designed to be multi sport, and as such each sport has a different theme (comprising of colours, logos, photos and trophy imagery. These themes are automatically assigned to the sales and student websites, the instructor applications and the lesson management tools.

Schools and National Curriculum Courses

Aqua Passport Schools and National Curriculum Courses

The platform also caters for school learning programmes, with courses set-up to assess national curriculum objectives. Extensive school and curriculum reports are generated in real-time and are aggregated by national regions to meet local authority requirements. Student and parents can monitor the progress of both curriculum and bespoke courses, with separate puzzles and game rewards for each.

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