10 brand new digital puzzles released in The Times tablet app

THe Times - 10 Brand Puzzles - Polygon

Digital Marmalade have been working with News UK on their digital puzzle output since February 2013 when we were initially engaged to deliver a cross title CMS to create Crosswords.

The initial project was a big hit, allowing a single solution to output Crosswords suitable for web, mobile and tablet and spurring on the release of a brand new Crossword type, Quick Cryptic, which we were able to produce at short notice owing to the adaptability of Marmalade Suite.

Now, after the success of Crosswords, Digital Marmalade have expanded the CMS to include a further 10 daily puzzles which are found in The Times T2 supplement. Taking various puzzles from different sources, we standardised the gameplay across them and worked with News UK to develop a clean and welcoming look and feel.

The Times can now offer digital versions of most of their puzzles found in print, some of which are the first of their kind, i.e. digital versions have never been attempted before – something we are pretty chuffed with!

These puzzles can be found under Mind Games in The Times tablet application. 

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