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10th Anniversary Re-branding

Hornbill Branding

This year Hornbill Systems, one of our oldest clients, celebrates its 10th anniversary. Over the years, the company has matured into a global leader in Service Management solutions. To coincide with  its birthday  it invited as,  its sole digital design agency, to give  it a brand makeover. For Hornbill, using one company to develop its brand across all media has resulted in a consistent, high-quality look and feel.

This project has made full use of our skills in design, web production, video animation and print. During the planning stages we focused on re-using artwork and copy across all media, saving Hornbill a lot of money in production costs. New logos for the company and each of the product solutions were developed, along with a new company style. Digital Marmalade then rolled out the new branding to the following:

  • Company website
  • Company brochure
  • Company presentations
  • Company video
  • 12 solution brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Web adverts
  • Exhibition stands
  • Magazine adverts

The production of the website was actually the culmination of months of brand development work with Hornbill. Our first task was to understand Hornbill’s Supportworks Enterprise Platform (a rather complex development system) and the many pre-configured support solutions that Hornbill now offer. Our brief was to clarify Hornbill’s offer, positioning the solutions as both standalone products and more importantly enterprise wide solutions. Why use a variety of systems for each department when you can use one?

The solutions were categorised into ‘Employee’, ‘Customer’, ‘Business’ and ‘Industry Focused’ solution families. Each family was then given a unique colour and logo. These colours where then rolled out to the website and print brochures, and used in 3D product diagrams to clearly communicate Hornbill’s offer.

We worked closely with Hornbill’s talented programmers to develop a graphically rich site, built on a powerful content management system. The website is two tier; the first tier presents solution, product and company information and the second (accessible only after logging in) provides industry white papers and other valuable information. Case studies, videos, diagrams and a series of web-ready brochures can also be viewed and downloaded.

We all think it’s a great site that accurately reflects Hornbill’s quality products and service. Take a look for yourself by clicking here.

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