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A Cheeky Half Site Gets Another Update

It’s nearly three years now since our very own Jeremy Jones decided to build a website for London’s drinkers to find a new watering hole. The success of the site has been really quite unexpected, and the third version of the site has now gone live.

The main difference in the design of this version of the site is that it is far more image-based. Jeremy did some research and learnt that the  foremost thing that people want to see is a photograph of the pub. So,  this new  version is far more image driven than either of its predecessors. He’s also made more of Google Maps, adding a function which reveals nearby pubs on the map with one click of the mouse. The comment boxes are now much more convenient – they used to appear in a pop up window, but now it’s a ‘one-stop shop’ with no refreshing necessary.

The search function has been enhanced with the introduction of JQuery, which is a ‘find as you type’ solution. This was implemented as there was a lot of misspelling going on.

Featured pubs appear on the home page – chosen at random from the database. Only pubs with images appear to preserve the visual integrity of the home page. Another brilliant and creative addition to the site has been a weather function. The site is linked to the Yahoo! Weather feed, and uploads a graphic to indicate the weather in London. But it gets better... you can actually search for a pub that is appropriate for the weather! If it’s cold and raining, wouldn’t a pub with an open fire be just lovely?

Let’s hope the site’s success continues.

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