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A Cheeky Half Website Goes Live

Screenshot of the A Cheeky Half homepage

As Friday night rolls around, do you ever find yourself thinking that it would be good to go for a cheeky half somewhere different to your usual -  if only you knew where. Well, Londoners... look no further for inspiration than www.acheekyhalf.co.uk. The new site, which has just launched, is the perfect place to discover a new watering hole in the city.

The site started existence when our very own web designer Jeremy Jones decided that he wanted to find some new places to drink. He also wanted to build a live site to test his ever growing bank of skills out on. And we think the site is proof of just how skilled he is! The site is driven by a database, which contains details of all pubs and bars in London. The user can search by a number of different criteria – nearest station, postcode, or pub name. They are then taken to page which contains user reviews and user ratings.

The site is designed to look like a table in a bar, complete with beer mats and scraps of paper. A mobile phone beeps at regular intervals, detailing a different pub selected at random from the database.

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