A double whammy of digital education

Duke of York - Teamwork iDEA Badge

We don’t need no education? We beg to differ Pink Floyd, we beg to differ. So much so in fact, that we’ve just launched another two educational badges for The Duke of York’s iDEA platform.

Having already created five badges for the IDEA platform (find out more) our presence on the IDEA platform is well established. However, each badge still requires significant planning and creativity to produce, with a view to making them innovative, educationally significant and visually rich.

Our two latest offerings tackle the subjects of “Teamwork” and “eCommerce”. In a slight departure from previous badges, the client had a strong sense of the story for each and so it was up to Digital Marmalade to mould the brief into something graphically and technically exciting. 

The eCommerce badge focuses on specific systems that allow businesses to trade and grow online; namely Electronic Funds Transfer, Electronic Data Interchange and Supply Chain Management. The Teamwork badge explores the important subjects of team roles and team dynamics by incorporating some behavioural psychology such as the Belbin Test

We’re extremely pleased with the results and, importantly, so is the client! 

The new Citizen badges created by Digital Marmalade for iDEA have fantastic production values and more importantly are gaining brilliant reviews from learners. The Teamwork badge offers a fascinating insight on the roles we play in teams, and how we can collaborate and get the best out of each other. The eCommerce badge takes a dry but important subject and injects a real sense of vitality into it by demystifying jargon and making complex processes easy to grasp.
Kerensa Jennings, Director at Office of HRH The Duke of York
Duke of York - Ecommerce iDEA Badge

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Anyone can do the badges, so why not head over and register on iDEA.

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