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A new look & new features for The Times mind games

The Times Mind Games

After the success of daily puzzles being released in The Times tablet app in August, we have now launched Mind Games with new enhancements and features to improve the puzzler user experience.

Where previously users could only access puzzles for that day, one of the new features is the addition of an archive for each puzzle type, allowing users to access games from previous days' that they may have missed. For each archive puzzle, the game time is recorded and displayed to the user, adding a competitive element in beating and improving your times. 

This is also a new feature in the highly adaptable CMS built in Marmalade Suite, where News UK can choose the archive length, for example to show a week or more or less in the archive depending on preference. 

Other changes that enhance the puzzle experience as a whole, are the improved 'Puzzle Complete' overlay which now recommends similar puzzles to the user when they finish a game, and similarly the 'Discover' section on the homepage, both of which encourage the user to explore Mind Games and try new things.

Finally, all these improvements have been wrapped up in a slick new design which now houses the puzzles in 4 sections - Featured, Numbers, Popular and Word to allow easy navigation for the user. The puzzles included in each section are again easily controlled by News UK in Marmalade Suite.

These features were implemented after a detailed planning and research phase, from which we produced wireframes demonstrating the best user journey in accordance with business requirements and user needs. We then worked side by side with News UK to implement the changes, including undertaking new and improved testing and deployment procedures to make sure the best product was released to the market.

We are continuing to work with News UK to enhance the gameplay based on user comments as well as extending the capabilities of the CMS further. Watch this space for updates!

The Times Mind Games CMS
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