Allied Domecq CDROM Produced To Coincide With New Product Release

Allied Domecq, a highly successful and dynamic global business in the spirits, wines and quick-service restaurant industry, invited strategic marketing company  New Solutions to assist in establishing a new product brand. Digital Marmalade were asked to to produce an interactive CD-ROM to support the release of  this new product, a  white rum spirit called  'Gavanes'.  It needed a brand built from scratch -  and this brand needed to be brought to life for both internal and external audiences.

In order to define the brand's identity, New Solutions completed extensive market research and conducted focus groups. From this, the label for the product  was produced, and mood boards created.  A detailed plan for market positioning was developed.

To really bring the brand to life, we created mood videos, supported by an interactive CD-ROM. The project manager distributed this to all of the relevant people within Allied Domecq to ensure that everyone had a clear idea of what the brand was about.

This is the first time that Allied Domecq has taken this approach to marketing, and the feedback that we've had has been that all in all,  the project  was a complete success.

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