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B&Q Do It Yourself Chain Do It Digital Marmalade!

B&Q - Intranet

B&Q, the chain of DIY stores, commissioned us to create a skin for its intranet website. The different departments within B&Q - from marketing right through to finance and accounting - all have access to the company intranet. Through it, staff can find company information, details on company policy, read Human Resources announcements and company news amongst many other things. B&Q had decided to reorganise this data. Digital Marmalade was invited along to give the new intranet a clear look and feel.

The brief was simple – to create a look and feel in line with the B&Q brand, that allows the user to find the information that they need easily and quickly. We worked up designs, which were then passed back and forth between B&Q and ourselves until they were happy. As this was  purely a design project, we then provided graphics and CSS to the internal IT team at B&Q, who then applied the skin.

This was a fun project to work on, and just proves that you don’t need to D.I.Y it – D.I.D.M it instead!

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