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Barker Gillette Website Nominated for Marketing Award

Digital Marmalade and Barker Gillette have been short listed for the Law Society Law Management Award, which is an award for the ‘best marketing initiative for a smaller practice’. The short list of six firms was compiled by a leading legal marketing authority for In Brief magazine.

Barker Gillette has been selected for its innovative website. The site is original in that it abandons the typically ‘stuffy’, stereotypical feeling that is synonymous with lawyers in favour of a more personable and friendly approach. It has features such as a ‘Talking Heads’ section, which contains a video link to the various heads of department talking about their practices, and an ‘Alter Ego’ section, in which each lawyer answers light hearted questions about their idiosyncrasies. The company’s friendly approach to its clients is reflected accurately without undermining the professionalism of its work.

The winner of the award will be the nominee who receives the most votes before the 31st March.

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