Bauer Media Group - Automation of puzzle archive conversion

Bauer Media Group is one of the world's largest privately owned media business with media assets all over the globe.

Founded in Hamburg in 1875 and now in its fifth generation of family ownership, the Bauer Media Group operates in 15 countries including the UK, Germany, Poland, Australia, New Zealand and the USA and has 11,000 employees worldwide. 

Today they have 40 million unique users accessing Bauer brands globally and, in the UK, we have over 100 websites and 50 digital editions of our print brands.

As their digital offering expand, they realized they had the need to transfer some of their puzzle offering from a superseded format to a digital format and along that a way of archiving them and distributing them.

We have a started a multiphase project to create these tools.

The challenge of this project was to have an overview of the current and future phases in order to avoid re-work or extra work along the way, but also optimizing the client budget at every stage of the process.

Road mapping and planning was a very important part of this project and we have successfully delivered what Bauer Media Group needed to have a large archive of digital puzzles that can be now offered to multiple customers.

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