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Bespoke digital market research App delivered for Big Green Door

Big Green Door (BGD) is a strategic consultancy delivering consumer insight to a multitude of big brands.   Having never ventured online with their research, and with two clients requesting such an approach, BGD called upon Digital Marmalade to plan, design and engineer a pilot solution on a tight budget.  In essence BGD required a platform which would allow them to dynamically create questions online which could be answered by a panel of respondents.

The solution was delivered in two main sections, both featuring effortless usability, despite complex functionality behind the scenes. 


An admin area for the Big Green Door team to manage campaigns, specifically allowing them to;

  • Simply add respondents to a specific project through uploading a spread sheet, allowing BGD to segment groups however they please. The system then automatically notifies each respondent via email, letting them know their account has been set up.  
  • Create a variety of question types for the participants to respond to.  From text only questions, to text and image questions (i.e. how does this picture make you feel?), to multiple choice questions.
  • Control how and when questions are live and whether the questions should be emailed out as well as displayed online.
  • Initiate conversations with individual respondents after they have answered, so themes and concepts can be developed.
  • View all responses from a single respondent - great for assessing how engaged each respondent has been.


This is the front facing site with which the respondents interact in order to log their responses. The key features of this are:

  • Simple interface to quickly respond to any question on any device – computer, phone or tablet
  • Use of native tools on their device to allow simple upload of images and/or videos
  • Ability to quickly respond, and have conversations with the team at BGD

So as you can see, this is a powerful web app allowing Big Green Door full control whilst engaging with market research candidates in a fast and dynamic way.   The whole platform is built with responsive HTML5 meaning it will work perfectly across mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets – whether Apple or Android.

All in all a smart solution for a smart agency taking the first of many digital steps.

Big Green Door Hub
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