Blockbuster Presenters and Weekly Programs Introduced to BBTV

Six months have passed since we started producing Blockbuster's in-store TV channel, BBTV. We're pleased to say that it has been a huge success, really boosting sales in confectionary and promoting targeted film and game releases.

As the project has progressed, so has the production process. This has allowed us more time to develop the channel. As a result, we've now introduced presenters to the program content. Our experienced camera crew film the BBTV presenters in a blue screen studio. This footage is then edited in house at the Digital Marmalade studios, and superimposed into the design. In introducing presenters to BBTV, we have given the channel a new level of personality. Blockbuster now has a friendly 'face' to show its customers, and through this 'face' it can more effectively communicate an informed opinion of the movies and games being promoted.

Another development has been moving the programming from its monthly cycle into a weekly cycle. Previously the channel featured a monthly show, highlighting new releases and promotions for that month. One of the advantages of moving the channel from VHS to DVD was that we could give the store managers more flexibility with the broadcasting. Although the DVDs are still sent out monthly, the programming is broken down into a weekly schedule, which is activated through a menu screen on the DVD. This enhancement allows Blockbuster to highlight new releases and promotions on a far more targeted level, catering for 'special' weeks such as half term or Valentines.

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