Blockbuster's In-Store TV Channel Gets Revitalised for Christmas!

BBTV - Instore TV

We're pleased to announce the new Blockbuster in-store TV channel is now being played in stores through the country.

Blockbuster's previous channel was really nothing more than a bunch of film trailers on VHS tape. It was uninspiring, unbranded, and of a low audiovisual quality making it really ineffective. We were invited to completely redevelop the channel and manage it on an ongoing basis.

Over the last couple of months we have established relationships with the film companies. They provide us with trailers for new video releases. We then write scripts and record voiceovers in house at the Digital Marmalade studios. These are edited and applied to bespoke motion graphics, which are again created in house by our team. These clips are then sent to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), the independent regulator of the film and video industry in the UK, and certified for public broadcasting.

The full program is then produced, with interspersed branded stings such as 'Blockbusters' Film of the Month', with film clips and animated confectionary promotions.

Once we have the sign-off from Blockbuster and the BBFC, a master copy of the DVD is authored and sent for replication. Copies of these DVDs are then sent out to all 700 Blockbuster stores throughout the UK. Spares are kept in the Marmalade studios, and distributed to individual stores as replacements when requested.

This is an intense production schedule, as the DVD needs to be replaced on a monthly basis. This effectively gives us just three weeks from start to replication.

We've come up with a lot of ideas on how we can continue to develop the channel - we'll keep you posted on further developments.

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