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Buz at the Ballet Website Launched

'Buz' is the creation of award-winning English filmmaker Tony Cuthbert, who is widely experienced in directing both live-action and animation. Tony's talent for working with children and the witty charm of his writing - coupled with the quirky humour and design brilliance of the award-winning cartoonist Edward McLachlan - results in the creation of uplifting entertainment for children and their entire families.

Buz tells the stories of the world's great ballets through the eyes of a spirited street-wise kid and his friends. Using real ballet and animation Buz presents these adventures with comic sensitivity. His innovative and enchanting introduction to ballet is told with lively clarity, as Buz transports his young audience to places of magic, adventure and delight.

Tony Cuthbert has worked with us  on a number of occasions. He asked us to build a very simple site for Buz at the Ballet, which he could use as a landing page to secure funding for the project. The site is just one page, and includes images, contact details and testimonials from children.

We’re pleased to say that since this site went live, Tony has secured funding for this project. Twenty-six, twenty-six minute films are being made as we speak. We will be working to develop the site into something far bigger and better in the future – we’ll keep you posted!

Buz at the Ballet
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