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Central Football Knowledge Base Added to the LMA Website

Part of the LMA’s new strategy is to become more active within the Press. In order to do this, changes needed to be made in the way that it responds to public matters that arise. With information around issues in the game disparate and the LMA unable to give coordinated, effective responses, it was decided that a central knowledge centre needed to be developed.

The solution that we have given to the LMA allows any member of staff that notices an article of interest to the ‘LMA Thirty Key Issues’ to publish them to a non-public accessed area. This creates a catagorised, unlimited resource bank, which is an invaluable reference tool. These articles can come from anywhere on the internet. By linking all of this to the LMA’s admin area we have effectively created a library of articles that will allow the LMA to respond to any story quickly, effectively and most importantly – accurately.

The LMA have nominated an ‘Ambassador’ (an expert) for each of these ‘LMA Thirty Key Issues’, so that one strong voice comes from it on any particular issue. When the relevant LMA Ambassador is required to give out the LMA party line, there is now a knowledge bank in place which will significantly aid in their research. Prior to any event the LMA will be able to gather together all of the appropriate research and give out formal, correct statistics and LMA viewpoints - all of which will combine to present the LMA as a more professional, opinionated, knowledgeable organisation with worthwhile input to the development of the game.

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