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Commercial Management Tools Added To The Cosmos Website

One of the big problems that Cosmos Holidays had with its previous website was that whenever it wanted to respond to changes in the market place by changing something on the website, the marketing department had to tell the IT department and then wait their turn for their request to be actioned. This often meant that by the time the request was actioned, the opportunity had passed. We wanted to give Cosmos the flexibility that it needed to modify the new site, and equally take pressure off of their IT department. We looked at all of the areas of the website and identified what we key elements could be automated with administrative tools.

We have built and implemented a tools within the Marmalade Suite which allows us to put some content management related programming in the back end of the site, thus allowing the user to make changes to the site. Through these tools the user can manage the ‘Top Ten Destinations’, the ‘Top Ten Experiences’, create and move around promotions, define the features lists, change the featured properties, and make SEO changes. All of these combine to make a suite of tools that allow the staff to commercially manage the site properly. These tools are very easy to use which has meant that the staff hasn’t needed any training to learn how to operate them.

More tools are being developed all the time; look out for a full online demonstration coming soon to this site!

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