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Communikator launches a brand new website

Communikator - website - magazines

Communikator approached Digital Marmalade to redesign its website after we completed a similar project for sister company Pageturn Interactive.

Our brief was to create a website that adhered to Communikator’s publishing formula:

Gorgeous Design + Beautiful Pictures + Intelligent Content = Excellent Results

The website picks its colour from Communikators existing brand guidelines and introduces illustrated artwork and plenty of white space.  We wanted to make the website as neutral as possible whilst maintaining the brand  and allowing the magazine artwork to add visual punch.

The website is built on the Marmalade Suite’s content management system, which gives Communikator the ability to easily add new magazines and titles as frequently as they are published, resulting in a very dynamic and constantly changing website.

The site also features a large image library where Communikator manage and distribute thousands of celebrity and catwalk photos and a live tracking system that produces traffic and revenue reports for its online magazines.

Communikator are now pushing into the sports, design and property industries.  We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.

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