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Cosmos Holidays Adds Interactive Maps

Cosmos Holidays Interactive Maps

Interactive maps have now been added to the Cosmos Holidays website. Before, users could research holidays by browsing thorough destination, region and resort content. Now they also have interactive MSN maps to help them find the right holiday.

At the ‘destination’ level of the site, the maps show all of the regions where a customer can book a holiday. These regions then show the resorts available. The user can see where all of the villas and hotels are situated within that resort, which is a really useful tool.

Digital Marmalade’s job was to spec out and design the map functionality, giving the Cosmos IT team a really tight brief to work within. This included building administration tools which allow the commercial team at Cosmos to input the longitude and latitude of each hotel, along with the zoom levels of the maps, and to set whether the map displays as a road map, an aerial map, or a hybrid of the two.

The maps also feature within the booking path. If the user performs a search and finds a holiday that they might be interested in, by clicking ‘more details’ they are presented with the hotel’s description and a hotel video. Now, an interactive map also displays, with the hotel’s location is plotted on it.

We’re sure that this addition to the website will prove to be a huge success!

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