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Cosmos Holidays Destination & Hotel Videos Added

Holiday destination and hotel videos have now been added to the Cosmos Holidays website. Now as a user navigates through the destination guides down to the hotel level, relevant videos are displayed giving the user the ability to ‘look before they book’.

The tourist boards for each of the destinations offered by Cosmos were contacted and video sourced. We then edited with bespoke music and voiceovers for the website, added. The videos are in the Flash format, as 95% home computers have it installed. This prevents the user from having to download any other plug-ins in order to view this content.

Hundreds of hotel videos, created by Trailstream, were referenced in the content management system and integrated into the hotel guides. They act as virtual tours of the hotels, really showing the user what they will be getting from their holiday and bringing the destination to life. These videos act as an invaluable sales tool for Cosmos, as they really enhance the interactive experience and make the destinations all the more irresistible. Cosmos have seen more than a 200% increase in conversions for holidays with hotel videos, proving how powerful this new media tool is.

A stand-alone section of the website, ‘Cosmos TV’ has been created to allow the users to directly access the videos through a geography hierarchy. The user can drill down through destination, region to resort and then view all the hotels within the resort that have videos. If the user likes the hotel they can directly book a holiday from this section.

This enhancement to the Cosmos Holidays website is just one of many developments that we are working on.

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