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Cosmos Holidays Usability Testing Workshop & Full SEO Review

During the planning stage of the website, we worked up wireframes and designs to form of a Functional Specification document. This document was run past our digital partners, Usability By Design, who in response provided us with a Usability Evaluation report. Using this feedback, the designs were altered before production began to ensure that the site didn’t contain and major usability flaws. A similar exercise was carried out from a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) perspective, with Spannerworks.

Now, with the site live, we’ve just completed User Testing. Usability By Design managed the recruitment of a cross section of typical online holiday booking customers and developed test scripts to put the site through its paces. The Digital Marmalade developers and designers, along with the Cosmos senior management team, watched these ‘real’ users interact with the site, in a controlled and monitored environment, to see how they behaved within the interface. This data was collated and analysed by Usability By Design, and a report was created detailing the issues that were uncovered and recommendations for how each problem should be corrected. These findings were then prioritised and fixed.

Over the same period Digital Marmalade has been working alongside the Cosmos Media Department to improve the quality of hotel imagery across the site and to add hundreds of new hotels. Further improvements were also made to the booking paths to increase the conversion rate. The work carried out with Spannerworks on optimising the pages was completed and we should see the Cosmos site rise up the search engine rankings as the pages’ ‘search engine equity’ builds up over the coming months.

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