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Cosmos Holidays Website Sales Top £1m Per Week

Almost a year after the new Cosmos Holidays website went live, we are pleased to announce that direct sales through the site have broken the £1m per week mark.

Since the redesigned website went live we’ve seen a steady growth in sales revenue through the site and increased conversion rate. This can be attributed to a number of aspects of the company’s new digital strategy, including:

  • A more user friendly website
  • More desirable products and imagery
  • Improved visibility though Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Targeted email campaigns, with supporting landing pages
  • Efficient paid keyword campaigns
  • More competitive sales margins

In January, we saw the website convert over a million pounds of direct sales in a week, this is a 250% increase on the same period last year. The website subsequently repeated this figure for the following 3 weeks.

Everyone involved in the project deserves a good slap on the back for achieving such strong growth within such a short period of time. Next target, the £2 million week!

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