CPD Accreditation for APS

Following the development of a bespoke Digital Learning Platform for Amaechi Performance Systems (APS), we are really pleased to announce that the delivery platform is now CPD accredited.

This means that, following evaluation, the platform (and the learnings it offers) have been officially approved as a quality resource for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities.

It enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive. 

We had very clear ideas about what the finished product of our DLP needed to be so that our clients were not only engaged with the content but also that the content itself created an optimal environment for learning. After searching for, and failing to find, a ‘plug-and-play’ platform, we began a fruitful collaboration with Digital Marmalade. The team at DM not only met our expectations, but they exceeded them by being the type of collaborative partner that we ourselves strive to be. Never settling for telling us what we wanted to hear while finding creative ways to bring our content to life, Digital Marmalade helped turn our text-based vision into a dynamic, interactive and informative digital learning platform
Chris Garrison, Director and Chief Problem Solver at APS

After a 6-month delivery process, working with a proactive client, we are happy that we have been able to contribute to an excellent platform and body of work that will helps a large number of individual to grow both professionally and personally.

It further validates Digital Marmalade’s capacity in two spaces – that of bespoke business application building and of delivering quality, engaging interactive digital learning

We look forward to sharing the actual platform itself when released.


APS is an advisory firm that consults with clients on creating end-to-end solutions for creating high-performance workplace cultures. As part of this offering they came to Digital Marmalade in order to create a bespoke learning platform to introduce foundational knowledge about inclusion in the workplace.

CPD accreditation

Achieving CPD accreditation requires that a digital learning offering meet a strict set of standards based on how well the program creates engagement and learning. APS designed the content of the inclusion digital offering using contemporary evidence in behavioural science and education.

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