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Crosswords for The Times and Sunday Times just got competitive

The last few months have seen our dedicated team deep in the trenches developing new features and puzzles for the News UK puzzle platform. Today we released a new feature for Crosswords in the form of “Competitions”.

This latest release (8.2 for anyone who cares!) provides the capability for authorised CMS users to set up any crossword to be published as a competition puzzle. This involves defining custom terms and conditions, prize info and instructions. But more than that, the usual “cheat” buttons such as ‘reveal letter’, ‘reveal word’ and ‘show solution’ need to be hidden in a competition puzzle for obvious reasons. So we developed a clever solution that automatically hides these buttons in competition crosswords, but also included functionality that allows a “solution date” to be set in the CMS – this means after the competition closing date the “cheat” buttons are revealed and the crossword can be played like any normal non-competition puzzle. All of this is automated by simply setting the relevant dates within the CMS.

Keep an eye out for competition crosswords coming your way from The Times and Sunday Times. If you’re feeling particularly smart and lucky, you might nab yourself a prize!

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