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Kaplan Fairground Game

Working within Kaplan International College (part of the Washington Post Group) we have developed and delivered a highly customisable Flash based matching game for their Picaro World.

Picaro World is an educational virtual world designed to be fun and highly interactive around various themes. Within this world there are several scenes that called for a card matching game. However this extended beyond just visual cards, as we needed to match 3 different media types (audio, images & text) whilst building to a reveal that may or may not include video.

Add to that the need for it to be fully SCORM compliant and you can see how technical this project was.

The 5 week turnaround timeframe meant that we collectively adopted an agile project process - with daily scrum meetings and controlled weekly targets.

Delivered on time, under budget and passing all SCORM tests, our client was really impressed with the results.

To understand more about this, and why this project is so versatile, please do call us on 020 3327 1380 or email to find out more.

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