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Digital Marmalade Become Exclusive Digital Supplier for JTL

Following from the success of Digital Marmalade’s work on the JTL website and CD-ROMs, we are pleased to announce that we have become the company’s exclusive digital supplier.

Just two months after the redeveloped ‘Young People’ website went live, JTL reported 30% increase in apprenticeship applications.   To further this success we have worked closely with JTL’s print suppliers on improving their print communications by bringing them into line with the online developments we’ve made.   We have worked with their marketing team to develop the assets that can be repurposed and reused, and with their IT department to get the online application systems up and running. Everything came in on budget, and as agreed in the original plan.

We are now looking at the other four sites: ‘Employers’, ‘Parents and Carers’, ‘Careers Advisors’ and ‘Corporate’. These four sites will differ from the ‘Young People’ site in their content, design and use of language, to make each appropriate for the target audience. We’ve also been planning the development of some ‘equality in the work place’ and health and safety training tools which can be used in the classroom.

In order to make this project a success, we looked at the business as a whole and worked out exactly what they would need in order to manage the website. We sent out our creative brief documentation to over five hundred employees of the company and asked them to fill it in, in order to get their opinions on what the site should and shouldn’t have. We compiled all of this information and used this to produce a brief. There were many ideas that came from people within the company who had not previously had a voice. Through this exercise we found things that we could include in the website’s design that could improve processes on a very involved level. As a result, many of these processes have been streamlined within JTL and thus improved company efficiency.

You can have a look at some of the work that we have been doing by clicking here.

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