Digital Marmalade Create In-Store TV Channel


We started working with Filmnight right from its inception. During the funding stage of the business venture, we were invited to act as multimedia advisors. We were tasked with establishing the company's digital branding, advising on technology and building a broadcast management system to feed multi-store plasma screens.

We went on to produce and manage Filmnight's in-store television channel. We've designed the channel's branding and programming (including designs for logo animations), channel stings, chart countdown animations, promotional messages, and film trailer skins. This allows us full control over channel playlists and has enabled us, with broadband connections, to deliver the content to the kiosks remotely.

Two separate channels play simultaneously on alternate screens within the kiosks. One of them runs film trailers and the stock availability, charts, movie information and any promotions. The content can be manipulated to suit the date, current footfall or the commuter demographic. Playlists can be compiled and activated, and promotions can easily be scheduled.

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