Digital Marmalade Create Sales CD-ROM

thermo chimera 1

Digital Marmalade has produced Thermo Electron's first ever sales CD-ROM - much to the satisfaction of both the client and the team here at Digital Marmalade.

The CD-ROM was produced to help launch Thermo's Chimera QPCR System - a DNA amplification product. As well as describing the inner workings of the machinery, the CD-ROM also gives a thorough demonstration of the revolutionary software.


The work you did for us on the Chimera CD-ROM was first class. From the start you made it clear what was possible within the budget and format constraints. Advice was proffered along with a detailed plan and costings making any budgetary decisions we had to make easy for us...your staff were more than friendly and always easy to contact. The final product far out specs what was expected and I know that it will help sell what is a difficult instrument to place in a tough market.

Miles Schofield, Product Manager at Molecular Biology Division
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