Digital Marmalade Creates Marketing Video for English Landscapes

As a result of the success of the work we did with English Landscapes in building their website, we were recently called back in - this time to create a promotional video that demonstrates the company's work. We needed to create a video that fulfilled a dual purpose, as it was required to be used on exhibition stands at conferences, as well as by their sales team during presentations. In order to get the maximum impact in both areas of use, we decided to create a video which was broken down into six separate chapters. These six chapters could easily be played together on a loop at a conference stand, but equally could be played as stand alone video modules by the sales team to enhance presentations to prospective clients.

We worked very closely with the team at English Landscapes to help them decide exactly what they wanted this video to include. We identified what the most important messages were, and which areas of the business they wanted to show off. Following this we made a storyboard, and wrote voiceover scripts. Drawing up the production schedule was a challenge as a lot of the filming needed to be done in different locations around the country, and this had to be tied in to the client's working schedule. We did it though, and once everything had been signed off, filming began.

The video features talking head interviews with employees at senior staff level right through to new apprentices. We also interviewed a number of clients. One of the key things that we originally focused on when designing English Landscapes' website was the high quality of their work, and so we let the evidence of this do the talking. We filmed English Landscapes' staff at work in various locations and areas that it maintains to demonstrate the company's successes.

Immediately after we'd finishing filming the post-production began. Whilst one of our designers created title graphics for each chapter, our editor captured all of the footage into our editing suite. Much of the video makes use of a technique called 'spilt screening' whereby the screen is divided into two or more windows, with different footage displayed in each. This was particularly effective for livening up interviews; while the interviewee's piece to camera is displayed in one window, footage which compliments their dialogue is displayed in another. This technique helps to keeps the video interesting, and enhances its aesthetic considerably. We then completed the audio post-production by recording voiceovers, again in house at the Digital Marmalade studios, and added this to the edit along with a bed of ambient music.

Once the video was completed and approved by the client, we encoded each of the six chapters separately so that they could be played individually in presentations. This has proved to be an invaluable tool for their sales team who now have a smart, professional and visually pleasing video demonstrating their work. We have also provided them with a DVD of all six chapters, which is designed to play on loop at conferences and exhibition stands.

The Landscape Group are so pleased with the result that they will be putting key sections of it onto their Digital Marmalade designed website in the near future. We'll keep you posted!

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