Digital Marmalade Deliver a 30% Increase in Apprenticeship Applications

Just two months since JTL Limited’s online application system went live, Two months since this online system went live, we are pleased to say that online applications now account for 30% of all of JTL Limited’s apprentice applications.

Before we built the JTL Young Persons website there was no way for people to apply for a JTL apprenticeship online. Applicants had to call or write into JTL to order an application pack which was then sent out, and had to be completed and returned. Often these were completed incorrectly which meant that forms needed to be returned to the applicant to be corrected - this process was expensive and wasted a lot of everyone’s time.

The application process can now be completed online. We felt that this was crucial to the success of the project, mainly because of the demographic that the company is targeting; young people will expect to be able to apply online. Putting this system into place was not an easy task. We had to build into JTL’s existing Enterprise system, which stores all of the details of applications, applicant numbers and apprentice accreditation details. We built a very complex ‘bolt-on’ to their existing bespoke systems. This ‘bolt-on’ means that the applicant is provided with an applicant number when they apply and so all information is tied into JTL’s Enterprise system. The application can also be completed in series of stages, which is ideal as the process is quite lengthy and complicated. If an applicant is missing any information (or for any reason needs to come back to the process) the details that they have provided are stored – the applicant number relates to all information that they have already provided.

This new online application system has reduced JTL’s costs dramatically. We have reduced the amount of application packs that need to be sent out as well as the amount of administrative work, and the number of calls that come into the call centre.

now account for 30% of all of the company’s apprenticeship applications.

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