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Workshop Conferences is the parent company than runs Medlink. Established in 1980, it runs careers and 'A' level based courses for young people. In that time it has helped guide over 180,000 young people in their choice of career. It aims to provide students with the most up to date information to assist them in making the decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

The Workshop’s original website had no cohesion or relevance to either any of its other product’s sites, or the new Medlink site. Each event had its own branding which made it messy and weakened the company’s identity. Part of the work we’ve been doing with Medlink has been to create a strong brand identity for all of its courses right across the board. The template for the first site that we built can easily be reused, with new colours and different copy. The new site which we have designed and built follows the exactly the same format as the Medlink site, and we have created a look and feel which ties them together really well. Although its identity is separate it is clear that the two companies are one and the same.

All of the courses available are detailed in identical profile pages, with colourful images to bring them to life. We decided that the best way to organise this vast amount of information (there is a total of seventeen courses available) would be to divide it by the time of year that the course is available, so they have been made into ‘Winter Courses’, ‘Easter Courses’ and ‘Summer Courses’ sets.

The new Workshop website is light years ahead of its predecessor, and will greatly help the company strengthen its brand, offline and online.

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