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Digital Marmalade Deliver Three New Sites For JTL

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We are pleased to announce that four of the five JTL websites that we have been developing have now gone live.

At Digital Marmalade we have now completed four of the five different sites for JTL Training. Each has been designed to speak directly to its target audience. This was the strategy that we proposed as we felt that it was the best way for JTL to successfully communicate with the different groups of people that it deals with. The four completed sites are as follows:

  • Young Persons
  • Employers
  • Parents And Carers
  • Careers Advisors

All of the four sites share one administration area, but have a different look and feel, and specifically written copy which speaks in language appropriate to the target user. We have reused many of the assets that we created for JTL as part of our digital strategy, thus saving them time and money in developing the other sites.

For the ‘Parents and Carers’ and ‘Career Advisors’ sites, we used the same vibrant yellow background as the ‘Young Persons’ site. We made this decision because we felt that a parent, carer or career advisor will be likely to look at the site with the young person. However, we have streamlined the design to give the sites a more corporate and formal feel. We’ve included more images of adults working with young people, as opposed to the heavy use of colourful graphics and photographs of apprentices that we used on the ‘Young Persons’ site. The copy has been edited and reworded to speak directly to these other target audiences – for example, the copy on the ‘Parents’ site is a much shorter version of that on the ‘Young Persons’ site. By tailoring the copy to specific target audiences JTL can communicate far more effectively through its website, and appeal to each of the target audiences directly.

We’ve built one Content Management System (CMS) that controls all four sites, meaning that when a member of staff at JTL wants to make an amendment to the site or upload new content, they only have to enter in the new details once. They can then choose which of the sites the change or new content applies to. Each change then automatically formats into the individual style of each of the sites. This is a really useful tool, as it means that JTL can maintain all four of its websites easily and quickly.

You can view the sites by clicking here.

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