Digital Marmalade Delivers In-store TV Pilot to Woolworths

Ladybird is a children's clothing brand sold exclusively at Woolworths. Ladybird is ranked third overall in the childrenswear market, with a share of 5% and growing.

Intelligent Marketing approached Digital Marmalade to plan and produce the Ladybird in-store TV channel. It was important that the content making up the channel was concise enough to impress and influence both parents and children, taking into consideration their short attention spans and reluctance to linger in shops. We're referring to children, of course! We began by familiarising ourselves with the brand and products. The Ladybird catalogue used photographs taken mainly in locations like parks, playgrounds and beaches. This was the starting point for the project.

We pitched the idea of 'Ladybird Worlds', which follows on from themes and locations initially set out by the catalogue. The channel would comprise of a four minute promotional film that would change from season to season and accommodate key promotions, such as the ‘Back to School’ clothing lines.

Members of the production team met with renowned TV commercial director Tony Cuthbert to discuss the requirements and implications of filming live action, particularly with children. Tony helped us to develop our ideas, and brought the practical and logistical issues associated with this shoot to our attention. A comprehensive list of costs was drawn up at this point to establish overall pricings.

The plan was to film in a studio, using a minimalist white or blue screen background. Relevant props would be introduced as needed with a view to adding titles, graphics and animation in post production. The preparations and mischief taking place behind the scenes would also be filmed - this candid 'green room' footage could be intercut with the studio action during editing. We proposed the cost effective idea of shooting fashion photography during the filming for use with both the channel and the seasonal catalogue.

We created concept graphics for the proposed 'Welcome to Ladybird World' in-store TV channel. Our intention was to come up with a prototype channel identity and demonstrate the treatment that we would apply to the film. At this early stage, and with very little collateral to work with, high resolution digital stills from the latest summer catalogue where used to stand in for video footage. These photographs were set in street, park and beach locations. The 8-12 year old range in particular seemed like a good choice for lively imagery, with lots of potential for design and animation. We selected an appropriately upbeat and bouncy soundtrack, using it to establish the pace of video and set markers to synchronise movement and animation.

The 25 second spot kicks off with a quick sting and a simple but eye catching logo animation. It then moves smoothly through the urban-themed ‘Street’ world, into the ‘Beach’ environment before arriving at the girl’s ‘Rainbow’ themed range. The children modeling the clothes had been painstakingly cut out from their backgrounds so that they could be combined with the vibrant backdrops that we had designed for the 'Worlds'. Animated titles were also overlaid on each of these sections and supported with corresponding clothing and price information.

The finished project video is a great example of how Digital Marmalade applied motion graphics to bring the brand alive. In positioning Ladybird as a quality, youthful, and vibrant childrenswear range we hope to increase the brand’s market share.

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