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Digital Marmalade Develop Young Person's Interactive CD-ROM

 JTL Young Persons CD-Rom

This project started life as two separate briefs: firstly to provide JTL with a multimedia tool to demonstrate the company’s mission at careers fairs and corporate exhibitions, and secondly to create a handout CDROM which could be sent out to careers officers. What we decided was that these digital tools were one and the same, and so to save JTL time, money and resources we could present them with one application in two formats.

JTL wanted a touch screen application that could be put on their exhibition stands. These events are really important to the company for apprentice recruitment. Previously, JTL had relied on literature handouts for potential applicants, but it was felt that this was not as effective at appealing to young people as a more high tech, interactive digital platform. We suggested that we could then put this same application onto CDROM – after all, the only difference (apart from hardware) between a CD-ROM and a touch screen application is the size of the buttons!

This was an opportunity for us to develop the revised look and feel aspects of the website and print design.

The application lent itself to video, but needed engaging interactive content to make it attractive to young people. The client had a vision of a ‘career path sat nav’ that would show people all of the different options available to them following a JTL apprenticeship, helping them to really visualise their career development path. This was an extremely complex program to build, because there are so many options available on the road to reaching the top. However the resulting application has proved extremely successful and this asset is now also available on the website and can be viewed at www.jtltraining.com.

Also included is a video, made in the style of Bob Dylan’s iconic music video for his classic song ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’. The footage, which features real apprentices, was shot on location at various JTL sites, and then edited in-house. For the soundtrack, JTL chose a song by Brighton rock band Telegraphs (another client of Digital Marmalade). The video auto-plays if the stand is left idle for three minutes, thus helping to attract the attention of passers by.

This application is a really comprehensive, tight reflection of what JTL do for young people. The language and media used directly relates to the young people that JTL are targeting, so that it has maximum impact.

With this CDROM and touch screen project, DM has been excellent. They gave us the ideas, different platforms and suggestions for other areas of the project. We came to them for advice, and after a two hour conversation with them they had drawn out of us exactly what we needed, and found a really innovative way of understanding it.
Will Northcote, Marketing Director at JTL
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