Digital Marmalade partnership continues to bloom

Having helped Bloomberg produce two commercials for their TV channel, we were delighted to be brought in on post-production duties for yet another audio visual treat!  

Our previous collaborations with Bloomberg have resulted in a couple of 20 second commercials, but this latest project was slightly different. Although our role was still to add motion graphics animation to the Bloomberg designs, the resulting output was two 10 second ‘bumpers’. These bumpers, sometimes referred to as ‘stings’, are a way of introducing and closing a segment on the channel which features stock market information from Russell Investments.  

As you’d expect, the look and feel of these bumpers is based around the Russell Investment branding and with only 10 seconds to play with for each bumper, they make use of super slick animation to pack in the relevant on-brand information.

This was a fun project and we’re really pleased to see this collaborative creative partnership continue to Bloom(berg)!  

Russell Investments
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