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The Digital Marmalade built website for Proper Records has now gone live. This is Proper Records’ first ever website, so building it was a big job. The sheer volume of data that had to be compiled and programmed was the main challenge, but we got there, and now Proper Records has a website which details all of its artists and compilations in a straight forward, organised and easily searchable manner.

The other main challenge that we faced with this project was the very limited number of visual assets that were available – all we were given was the company logo! We have, however, taken the label’s logo and managed to design a website that incorporates and greatly expands upon its aesthetic, providing Proper Records with a look and feel which can be translated into any print collateral and advertising if they so choose.

Because Proper Records has such an enormous catalogue of music, we felt that it was important to have a straight forward search tool. We recognised that a high proportion of users would want to search for a specific album, artist or compilation – and the search tools that we have built make it really easy for them to do just that.

We have positioned the search panel on the website’s homepage, along with a media player and a ‘Latest News’ area, which offers tasters of news articles which can be viewed in more detail if the user so chooses. Perhaps one of the most valuable sales tools that we have provided Proper Records with, is a series of promotion pods (again, positioned on the homepage) which automatically feature albums which have either been ‘Just Released’ or are ‘Coming Soon’. Within the Content Management System (CMS) Proper Records can draw up a list of albums that it would like to appear in these pods, and they will then be selected randomly as the page is refreshed.

The search tools have been extended to the ‘Gig Guide’, which is a real asset to the site as it allows the user to search for gigs either by location or artist.

In addition to this, detailed ‘Artist Profiles’ have been built, which include a photo, artist biography, discography and links to any news items that have been posted on the site’s homepage. The discography details any albums that the artist has released on Proper Records, and by choosing to ‘View Details’ the user is directed to a page which has information about the album, a track listing, and even MP3’s which the user can listen to. If the user wishes to buy the album they are then redirected to the Proper Records shop, where they can purchase it online. All of these pages follow the same clear and careful design, and have a very organised feel to them without sacrificing any design elements. It makes the whole website great to browse through.

The bespoke content management tools that we have put in place allow the staff at Proper Records to update the site easily, meaning that they can build on the content quickly – and more importantly, independently. This is so essential for a company like Proper Records, as its catalogue is always growing and people like to be informed of news items as and when they happen. The music industry is becoming more and more dependant on the online arena for promotion and commerce, so by commissioning us to build this site, Proper Records has taken a step to establish itself within this market.

You can view the site by clicking here.

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