Digital Marmalade Produce an Interactive CD-ROM for City & Guilds

City and Guilds is one of the world's leading providers of E-learning and E-assessment tools. Its flag ship products, GOLA (the Global Online Assessment Program) and Smartscreen, are packed with functionalities which streamline the process and dramatically reduce the cost of training students. GOLA deals with the scheduling, examining and assessing of students online, whilst SmartScreen is an online resource for tutors, learners and test centers.

The proposition is complex and participation involves a cultural change for Learning Centers across the UK, but the advantages are many. Detailed introductions and explanations of the systems were previously the domain of a pricey UK sales force.

Our task was to clone this sales force using complex DNA engineering. The idea was to allow these advocate clones to roam the country and spread the knowledge of the E-learning platform to the UK's unsuspecting education institutes.
Not an easy task! Unfortunately due to budget restraints we had to re-evaluate our approach. After much deliberation we all settled for an alternative plan - an interactive multimedia CD-ROM.

This shiny digital device offered us the ability to mix video of industry experts, tutors and learners with animated graphics and voiceovers to explain the simplicity and highlight the cost savings in adopting the E-learning platform.

10,000 CD-ROMs were cloned and distributed around the country – and they’ve been really well received! Sales force activity has diminished and simultaneously, subscription rates have increased.

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