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Digital Marmalade's BBTV Contract Renewed

We are very pleased to announce that Blockbuster have invited us to continue developing and managing BBTV, its in-store TV channel. It is 16 months since we started working with Blockbuster and the success of the work that we have done has lead to our contract being renewed for another full year.

We are delighted with Digital Marmalade's proactive approach to managing and developing BBTV. Their new designs and interactive knowledge has enabled us to do so much more with the channel. We're particularly excited by the versatility of the DVD format; day-part marketing, regional variations, and store-zone broadcasting, enable us to experiment with more dynamic programming. All aspects of the channel are professionally managed, produced and delivered, allowing our marketing team to concentrate on other aspects of the business. We believe the new channel adds an extra touch of magic to every visit. Well done all the team.
Tim Fairs, Communications Manager at Blockbuster
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