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Digital Marmalade's new website is now live

The new Digital Marmalade website has now gone live!

Building the new website has been no small task. All of the staff here at Digital Marmalade have been involved at some point along the way – either programming, coding, designing, project managing, or writing the copy. It has been a real team effort and the result shows just what we are capable of. We have produced a slick, intuitive site which gives detailed information on the company and our work. The site is really easy to navigate through and actually quite fun to use! The site’s bright design is eye catching and stylish, and reflects our brand perfectly.

The original site had not been updated for some time, and we felt that in its original state, it didn’t accurately represent our company. Designing this site was an opportunity for us to update and to really develop the Digital Marmalade brand – something which is an ongoing process.

The new site has also acted as the perfect testing ground for new products. For example, the new Marmalade Suite Content Management System was first implemented on our own site, allowing us to develop and improve it prior to it being used on the JTL website.

The website details every single one the projects that we have worked on since we opened for business in 1997. Each client’s story is detailed in a short case study, with even more depth given through related news items. Pictures and video have been added to the case studies and news items to bring them to life. The news items sit on an animated timeline, which we built in flash. You can scroll along the timeline, through the years, to find the story that you want to read. The timeline is punctuated with world news items to give the user a real sense of time.

We’ve broken down our services into five categories – Web Design, Interactive CD ROMS, Video and Motion Graphics, Business Applications and Digital Consultancy. This allows the user to find information on the area of work that we do quickly and easily.

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