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Digital Marmalade to act as consultants on pioneering youth project

The Youth Access Card is the first fully cross departmental initiative to be undertaken by Barking and Dagenham.  It is being led by the health department which is pioneering a method of addressing issues surrounding child obesity and teenage pregnancy.

At this stage the project will involve a trial of 1,000 children from one school in the Barking and Dagenham area in January 2010.  Each child will be issued a smart kind which will facilitate cashless purchases of school dinners and provide access to leisure centers and libraries as well as being used to reward positive behaviour and achievements.

Due to the sheer scope and size of the project Digital Marmalade has been contracted to act as consultants in the planning stages of the project.  Our involvement will be to gather information and facilitate meetings between:

  • all departments from health to school catering right through to the drug and alcohol department.
  • third party hardware and software suppliers of items such as the smart cards and the cashless catering facilities.
  • children at the school
  • school children’s parents

The consultation period is scheduled to last for three months.  In this time Digital Marmalade will formulate a concise brief and functional specification for the project.

At this stage the Youth Access Card is a local trial, but already it is attracting national interest.

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