DM Create Telewest Travel Hub Sales Tool

Telewest iDTM CD-Rom

Telewest Communications, along with its strategic partners, have developed a new e-commerce trading ‘hub’ for the travel industry. Aimed solely at independent travel agencies, this hub allows smaller companies to open new sales channels and overcome the industry’s IT inertia. Digital Marmalade was tasked with developing a sales tool to explain the benefits of the new platform and demonstrate the functionality of the system.

The Telewest system, known as iDTM, has many benefits for an independent travel agent. These include a bespoke travel e-commerce system, a  live availability enquiry function, multimedia ‘lookable & bookable’ travel destinations, customisable branded interfaces and a multi-platform content delivery system.

Digital Marmalade developed both a CD-ROM and supporting website which graphically demonstrates all of these elements. A small camera crew set-off to Majorca to ‘capture’ the resort. On returning, the content was assembled for TV, web, print and mobile phones. Animations were created to explain the system and a working demonstration of the booking system was built for the internet.

The project was turned around within three weeks and the CD-ROM was included in a mail-shot to all the UK independent travel agencies. This was then followed up by the Telewest sales team to close the deal.

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