DM develop interactive Employers CD-ROM for JTL

Following from the success of the Young Persons interactive CD-ROM which we developed for JTL, we were asked to create a similar application – but this time for potential employers. We decided that in order to save time, money and recourses, we could reuse a lot of the content that we had previously developed for the Young Persons CD-ROM.

We developed a new look and feel for this application, in line with the design of the Employers website. We trimmed and shaped the content of the Young Persons  CD-ROM content  to ensure that it was all relevant and appropriate for this very different audience, and recorded a new voice over  this time using a male voice as we decided that the target audience -  employers within the building and construction service industries -  was predominantly male.

This project differed from the Young Persons CD-ROM project in  that this  time we were tasked with designing the CD-ROM’s packaging, and organising replication. Again, we extended the look and feel aspects that we designed and developed for the Employers website to create an attractive and professional pack design which is perfectly in keeping with existing collateral.

The finished product was delivered within budget and on time. JTL now have a tool which allows them to demonstrate this area of  its business in a really concise and professional manner.   This CD-ROM will be sent out to any potential employers that express interest in JTL at employer recruitment events, or request information over the phone. It has also proved to be a great internal training asset for JTL and is routinely used in employee inductions.

Screenshot of JTL Employers CD Rom
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