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DM is commissioned by Graham Lyle to create a website for his back catalogue

Graham Lyle has written and composed over 7,000 songs, some of which you will most certainly know.   You’ve probably heard “What’s Love Got to Do with It” being belted out by Tina Turner, but what you probably didn’t know was that it was actually written by Graham Lyle.

Having created websites for record labels and rock bands, Digital Marmalade is no stranger to working on music related projects.  So when Graham Lyle contacted us, we were confident we would be able to help.  Graham’s problem was this; many people want to use his music for a variety of reasons and he wants to give them a simple route of access to doing this legally.  Whether it’s a musician wanting to use a sample of a piece of his music for a rap song, or the director of a TV commercial wanting to use his music as part of a soundtrack, Graham wants to be able to provide access to his songs quickly and easily.  After an initial meeting Digital Marmalade outlined the key factors for this project as follows;

  • To allow any musician or agency to gain information about, and access to, his music in order to create extra revenue from his back catalogue.
  • In order for people to find his music SEO is of paramount importance.
  • Graham will need the ability to upload songs and associated data himself with ease.

After further consultation Digital Marmalade suggested the following additional features;

  • Open up this product to other musicians and writers in order to further increase and extend revenue made from the site.
  • Include a back-story alongside each song uploaded which would add both emotional value and provide excellent SEO advantages through the presence of unique content.

The scope of this project extends beyond the building of the website.  Digital Marmalade will be creating the brand from scratch and developing the concept of Good Single alongside Graham and his team.

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