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JTL Training - It's Not Fair

JTL’s ‘Equality and Diversity’ digital training tools were in real need of being updated, so we have created a new CD-ROM based training tool entitled ‘It’s Not Fair’. It can be used in the classroom, online, or mailed out. To maximise ROI (Return on Investment) we decided to make the application completely in Flash, so that it can be put on the website and used across the board. As with any project of this scale, we always look to develop assets that can be repurposed easily.

The problem that JTL had with its previous training video was that because it was old and badly acted, the apprentices were so amused by it that the message was completely lost! Also, as it was on VHS video its accessibility was limited. The decision was made to drop live video and replace it with animation. This decision was made for two reasons. Firstly, it was felt that acting may alienate the viewers, as it may appear wooden. Secondly, with the rise in popularity of adult cartoons, animation is a medium that young people are used to.

We commissioned an outside company to animate four different scenarios, each demonstrating inequality in the work place. Issues such as bullying and racism are tackled clearly but sensitively, ensuring that first and foremost, the message is conveyed. The viewer is then asked a question about the video by a CDO (Cultural Diversity Officer) and asked to choose an answer. They are then given the correct answer, and an explanation of it from the CDO. Take a look for yourself at

This piece of work has been a great success, as it conveys the very serious message in a clear and entertaining way without estranging the viewer. The careful design and quality animation also makes it a great interactive asset for the website.

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