DM produce promotional video for PA Consulting

PA Consulting Group is an international management consulting firm which works in the financial services, energy, life sciences and healthcare, government and public services, manufacturing, defence, and telecommunications industries.

PA Consulting's IT consulting department asked us to create a promotional video which could be used by its sales team, and on its website. Because of this, the video needed to be in a flexible format so that it could be deployed both on the internet and on a CD ROM for sales staff to use in presentations to potential clients.

The first step was to meet with the team at PA Consulting to brainstorm ideas. We then asked them to complete our creative brief form to clarify and define these ideas. From this, the concept for the video was born. The look and feel was developed and signed off, and production began.

We decided to use PA's staff in the video instead of actors, as this gives the product more of a personal feel and emphasises the company’s diverse and experienced team. The video was filmed at PA Consulting's offices in central London, so that we could minimise disruption to the employees’ working day. They were filmed against a blue screen, which allowed us to animate the interviews in the edit.

The video draws attention to the software solutions services which are offered by PA Consulting. It is aimed at an external audience of clients and IT buyers, educating them in the company's software solutions services. Talking head interviews with team members at PA are illustrated and supported with motion graphics, which were created at the Marmalade studios. The look and feel is centered on a speech bubble motif, and we kept the design clean and uncluttered with plenty of white space. The use of screen grabs and client logos add colour and flare to the video. It is informative, engaging and fun whilst upholding the company’s professional image.

The video was delivered on time, to budget – and with great results!

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