DM Win Blockbuster TV Contract

Blockbuster Video

We are really pleased to announce that Digital Marmalade has won the contract to produce and manage Blockbuster's in-store TV channel, BBTV!

Blockbuster is the UK's number one home entertainment company, with around 700 stores and about 4.2 million member accounts in the UK alone. The aim of the channel is to promote new releases, highlight promotions and increase revenue from confectionery and drink products.

We're going to migrate the existing channel from VHS format to DVD format, bringing BBTV into the digital age. This will not only dramatically improve the audiovisual quality of the channel but also allow us to make full use of interactive technology. We will be utilising our skills in motion graphics, 3D animation and sound effects to create programming that is leagues ahead of anything that Blockbuster have had previously.

Producing and managing an in-store TV channel of this magnitude is no easy task, but one which we are really excited to be taking on!

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