Free Digital Learning...that's a great iDEA!

Having worked with the iDEA team since the platform’s inception, we are both proud and pleased to have them as a client.

Set with a target of getting 1 million completed badges in the first 5 years of operation – we thought you would like to know how they are getting on 3 years in – the Bronze Award was launched in January 2017.

It is a huge staggering success story – to date (March 2020) – 4.4m badges have been completed!

That is 4.4m badges completed by 625,000+ registered learners – each badge is worth points towards industry-recognised Awards and iDEA has awarded more than 50,000 certificates to Bronze and Silver Award winners around the world.  

We thought that was worth celebrating and reminding you that this is 100% free, and bridges a really important skills gap – those of digital skills needed to succeed in these digital times. It is perfect for anyone old or young, with lots of interesting content to explore.

So what is a badge?

iDEA badges are bite-size interactive online modules created in consultation with industry experts which can be accessed for free, on any device, anywhere in the world. They vary in length, difficulty and the amount of points they are worth. To achieve the Bronze Award learners on need to earn a minimum of 250 Bronze level points by completing Bronze badges. iDEA has a huge range of badges to choose from.

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We are proud to have been involved in this great project and we have designed many different badges with iDEA for many clients. The badge creation process is always an interesting process as you work to turn the early ideas and concepts into engaging online modules.

It is a process that requires understanding the keys goals of the badge, as well as being able to translate that information into bite-sized pieces of information underpinned with excellent design and effective exercises that appeals to learners from all sides of life and of all ages.

Well done to iDEA!

“We enjoy collaborating with Digital Marmalade to develop digital badges for that are educational, engaging and enjoyable for iDEA learners around the world.”
Polly Morgan, Programmes Manager at iDEA
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