Games and Advertising Introduced to BBTV

It's almost a year since Digital Marmalade was commissioned to produce and manage Blockbuster's in-store television channel, BBTV. In that time we've certainly been busy! We've established relationships with the film companies and the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), produced a slick and attractive Blockbuster branded channel, added high impact promotional animations, introduced presenters, and migrated the channel from VHS tape to DVD.

This project has continued to develop. Using the interactive technology made possible by creating BBTV in DVD format, we have been able to separate the program schedule into weekly rather then monthly shows, giving Blockbuster the ability to be more time sensitive with its promotions and features.

We're happy to announce that BBTV now includes a 'Gaming' channel, which is activated through a standard DVD menu. This addition to the channel allows store managers to broadcast games trailers and promotions within the gaming section of the stores, or switch the game channel on during the peak game rental times. This kind of targeted marketing is a really valuable tool for Blockbuster, and helps them get the most out of their in-store channel.

Also new to the channel is third party company advertising. We worked closely with Blockbuster to produce an advertising rate card. This is based on a number of factors - store footfall, dwell times and frequency of the advertising slot. Once the rate card had been completed, Blockbuster contacted suitable strategic companies that might want to advertise their complementary products. Pizza Hut, Coca Cola and Disney were all quick to get on board. The revenue that this has generated has flowed straight back into the production costs of the channel, which has in effect reduced Blockbuster's monthly costs.

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