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Situated on the Lancaster Canal, Guy’s Thatched Hamlet is a complex comprising of a restaurant and pizzeria, a country tavern and beautiful thatched lodgings, with sports and conference facilities. As a family business that has been a success for over thirty years, the brief for this job was simple – build a site that felt substantial, paid homage to its ‘traditional’ design and highlighted the various facilities within the complex. The local perception of Guy’s  was that it  was purely a restaurant, and the website needed to help change this view.

With only the logo as a starting point, we had to come up with a look and feel that truly reflected the image of the complex. Over a number of years, the owners have successfully blended their own personality into the experience of visiting the hamlet.

The colour palette that we chose and the use of vibrant imagery combined with links to local countryside hobby websites for hunting, shooting, and fishing facilities ensures the site looks traditional, rustic and in tune with country life.

In terms of selling the experience to the user, we allowed for the creative use of the news module. In this area the user can preview Guy's events and local events, such as the relative success (or otherwise) of the pub cricket team.

The website feels very friendly, accessible, and easy to use – exactly what was requested at the outset of the job.

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