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Digital Marmalade has developed an interactive software demonstration CD-ROM for Hornbill Systems Ltd. Hornbill Systems is a leading supplier of Service Management solutions. It specialises in two products; Support Works Helpdesk and Support Works PC Audit. Both products are light years ahead of  its competitor’s, and have a vast array of technical functions that needed to be communicated to potential buyers and users in a logical and clear manner. Hornbill wanted a high-impact CD-ROM that could be used in both sales meetings and as a leave-behind or giveaway at exhibitions.

Our deadline was very tight. We had to produce, replicate and deliver 10,000 CD-ROMs to Hornbill for an imminent exhibition, where they were to be distributed. The project began with Hornbill’s sales team giving Digital Marmalade a full sales pitch using their existing sales material. All of the technical information regarding the software was explained (in layman’s terms) and together we developed a structure and production schedule for the CD-ROM.

The software demonstration module was split into twenty chapters, highlighting key features through the use of video and voiceovers. This interactive approach enables the user to easily choose which functions may be relevant to them.

Hornbill’s software is built on Support-Works Non-Polling Architecture. Our approach to explaining and highlighting the benefits of this incredibly complex system was to produce a series of Flash animations with accompanying voiceovers. In addition, the CD-ROM contains a company overview, an FAQ section, videos of client appraisals and product evaluation installations.

We’re pleased to say that the sales department at Hornbill Systems were “blown away” by the quality of the CD-ROM and believe that it has increased  its sales revenue dramatically.

We were looking for a high impact product demonstration CD-ROM which would give our customers a real insight into our products. Our deadline was very tight, we had an imminent exhibition where we wanted to distribute the CD-ROMs, but Digital Marmalade managed to deliver a fantastic product on time and within budget.
Patrick Bolger, Sales Director at Hornbill Systems
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